Custom Homes vs. Modular Homes

Myrtle Beach custom homesA custom built home very much reflects you as a person due to the input you have in its construction. You will be able to dictate just what you want in the house, and not have to accept someone else’s design of a prefab house. Myrtle Beach custom homes are unique structures with your mark on them, unlike modular homes that follow the trends of everyone else in the neighborhood.

There is a huge difference between the quality of the building materials that are used in Myrtle Beach custom homes vs. modular homes. Custom homes are built with the best available materials to give you satisfactory results. Custom built homes are made to last with their quality materials. Compared to modular houses that begin to decline after 15-30 years, custom homes will last you over and above that time period.

You may think it’s more expensive to build a custom home, but in the long run it’s really not. Take a look at the development of each house, most of the time modular home builders charge a less expensive price for the bare-minimum house, then add onto that price with the addition of amenities and various other options. On the contrary, when building a custom home, the amenities and all the other options are added into the original price so you know from the beginning how much it will cost.

By working with a custom home builder you will be able to discuss with them exactly what you would like to see in the house and be in contact with them throughout the building process. At SunBeLt Homes we make sure the Myrtle Beach custom homes that we build are exactly what you dreamed of and that you are completely happy with your new home.

Things to Look For in New Home Construction

Myrtle Beach home constructionWhen having a home built for you it’s important that you ensure everything is being built according to your needs and desires. New Myrtle Beach home construction isn’t something to take lightly. You pay a lot for the home so you need to be positive that you hire a reliable, experienced, and  reputable company, like SunBeLt Homes, to build you your dream home.

As the consumer you need to ensure that the builder will pay careful attention to every detail in your Myrtle Beach home construction. It’s crucial that the company you choose works with you and explains the whole process every step along the way.

Here are a few things to check for in the process:

Windows and doors – All windows and doors need to open and shut all the way without creaking, and without sticking or binding.
Foundation – There should not be any major cracks. Anything that is noticeable may indicate possible future issues with your foundation.
Siding, trim, etc. – There should be smooth lines, even paint, filled in holes, everything must be streamline, no bunching or bulging.
Dry wall – No seams should show. You shouldn’t be able to see where a new sheet of drywall begins.
Floor – There should be no floor creaks anywhere in your new home; floor creaks indicate careless floor installation.
Stairs – All of the stairs in your home should be uniform and of the same height. Uneven steps can be a major risk for injury.

These are just a few of the things that you need to look at with regards to Myrtle Beach home construction before selecting your custom home builder. Always ensure that your “dream” home is actually a dream come true.

Life In a Golf Course Community

Myrtle Beach golf course communitiesFor the growing numbers of people that love golf, a real estate investment in our Myrtle Beach golf course communities definitely makes a whole lot of sense. Can you even imagine a more convenient location to enjoy the sport of golf than from your backyard? Many of these communities offer special course membership rates and green fees to the homeowners. This is added value to your property. New home buyers who love the game can live their dream come true in a golf course community. They can take this opportunity to play more rounds and keep their game sharp as well as live in a community that contains so many neighbors and potential new friends that share their enthusiasm for the sport.

Golf continues to increase in popularity, and property values reflect a trend in higher demands for this growing segment. Purchasers that move into a Myrtle Beach golf course communities will enjoy a wide variety of investment and lifestyle benefits.

The prestige of living in Myrtle Beach golf course communities often translates into more social and business opportunities. You will find yourself joining a ready-made community of high achievers who share many of your same values. Socializing and networking opportunities will abound when living in Myrtle Beach golf course communities, facilitating those times when you are ready to make a change and move up in the world. These upscale communities attract more affluent buyers who value the quality of life increases that come from enhanced recreational opportunities and living in beautiful surroundings.

Interested in purchasing a home in a golf course community? Talk to our professionals at SunBeLt Homes.

Myrtle Beach Builders

Myrtle Beach BuildersOne of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime is buying a new home. Myrtle Beach Builders whose homes offer flexibility to adapt to your needs are the best choice, as they can build homes that accommodate changing lifestyles and unique tastes.

People’s needs do change over the years, so this should be a top consideration when you look for a new home. If a couple is hoping to have children their home should have space for a nursery, children’s bedrooms, play areas and other functions without the need for drastic renovations. Families with small children, on the other hand, have different needs. When the children grow up and move out of the house, parents can suddenly find themselves with lots of extra space. They should be able to easily convert the newly vacant rooms for other uses, like a home theater or solarium.

Myrtle Beach Builders know the home you build should have rooms that are not confined to one specific purpose. These spaces should be flexible enough to meet your evolving needs. You and your family should not have to adjust to a home — your home should adapt to the way you and your family live. We, as Myrtle Beach Builders, understand this need and can provide beautiful homes with flexible living spaces where you and your family can live comfortably for years.

At SunBelt Homes we have had a reputation for designing customizable floor plans with people’s lifestyles and dreams in mind since 1986. Our homes are fully customizable from the type of door to the floor plan. As Myrtle Beach Builders we build homes that offer flexibility to accommodate the changes in the way people live today and tomorrow. It’s our goal to make the building of your new home as easy as it can be on you, the homeowner, and we meet that goal each and every time.

Myrtle Beach Home Builders

As anyone would tell you these days, the past two or three years have not been the best times for the real estate market, to say the least. This statement does not only speak to the housing markets in South Carolina, but to the property markets across the entire U.S.

Myrtle Beach Home BuildersAccording to forecasters and real estate analysts, it’s not all doom and gloom, and many view this time to be a period of correction in the markets, and a return to normal levels soon. In the state of South Carolina, the city of Myrtle Beach has already received the brunt of the housing slump, however many Myrtle Beach Home Builders continue to remain confident the market will slowly rebound, and that they are continuing to invest their money in the construction of new homes in this area.

It is quite encouraging to see seasoned and knowledgeable Myrtle Beach Home Builders who continue to put their trust and confidence in the local housing market. It’s vital to remember that there is still opportunity in a down market, and we, as Myrtle Beach Home Builders, here are a good example of that.

By taking advantage of the characteristics of the current market, SunBelt Homes, Myrtle Beach Home Builders, plan on turning a negative market into a positive pay-off, and we understand that the region has always been a dynamic market and has a good history of being resilient, and despite the general pessimism, there is still some room for success and optimism.

With a wide array of leisure, cultural, entertainment and sporting attractions, this area is seen as a vibrant place for those who want to go on vacation or purchase permanent retirement home. The area is famous for our wonderful beaches, fishing, golf, boating, and dining. Located between Charleston to the south and Wilmington, NC, to the north, here you’d be located between two higher population areas.

Myrtle Beach Builder

Myrtle Beach BuilderA Myrtle Beach Builder of custom homes can make things very easy for someone hoping to buy a newly constructed home or have one built. Instead of having to run around looking at different types of homes, these home builders can construct a home as per your specifications at their desired location. They are in demand by families wanting to have a say in how their looks and how it is built. At SunBelt Homes we listen to you and pride ourselves in our customer service. You won’t be disappointed.

Hiring us as your Myrtle Beach Builder eliminates the need to compromise. We give you the opportunity to voice your opinions at any time through the design and building process. You have the freedom to include whatever you want in your home and omit anything you regard as unnecessary. This makes custom homes a very popular and attractive prospect to home buyers and eliminates a lot of needless frustration.

Many people incorrectly assume that constructing a house through a Myrtle Beach Builder of custom homes will end up costing them more. Some people want a simple home design without added luxuries. In that case, it ends up costing them less. Others want more luxurious features such as a large swimming pool or additional bedrooms or solarium. While this increases the price tag significantly, it still comes out cheaper than purchasing homes with all the amenities already included. To be sure, inquire about the price of a newly built model home with all the features you want and then get a separate estimate from a custom home builder. You’ll find the difference will be significant.

SunBelt Homes of Myrtle Beach will build a custom home from your plans and dreams. There’s not another Myrtle Beach Builder that can do that as well as we can. Our quality and customer service are exceptional — we give you our word on it.

Myrtle Beach Golf Course Homes

Myrtle Beach Golf Course HomesDid you know Myrtle Beach Golf Course Homes keep a strong hold on their value, moreso than other types of real estate, and generally aren’t as affected by economic trends? As an owner of one of our Myrtle Beach Golf Course Homes, you won’t have to spend as much time watching the market to see what the value of your house is doing and you can be more confident that you’ve made a solid investment choice.

It may be no surprise that Myrtle Beach Golf Course Homes perform so well, but now there’s data to support this common assumption. A study by the Longitudes Group found that golf course homes typically sell for 40 per cent more than comparable regular homes, and that they tend to rise in value even as property values around them are falling. Even when values fell for golf course areas in the study, they fell at a slower rate than in surrounding neighborhoods. The study largely found that golf course homes were affected by market trends, but not as much as other forms of real estate. The strongest golf real estate market in the study was Myrtle Beach, SC, where some properties appreciated as much as 56% a year.

Myrtle Beach Golf Course Homes are popular and valuable for the same reasons as always — beautiful home designs, exceptional amenities, privacy, and immunity from encroaching development. These homes now have the additional benefit of being a proven, studied performer in the real estate market.

The unique designs of our Myrtle Beach Golf Course Homes also helps put them in a category of their own. Our homes are customizable from the type of door to the floor plan you desire. We’ll work with you to build the dream home you have in mind. No matter what kind of home you’re searching for, we have a golf property to suit your needs.

Myrtle Beach New Home Builder

Myrtle Beach new home builderWhen you’re looking for a Myrtle Beach new home builder you should make sure you give us at SunBelt Homes a call. We are a superior builder with an excellent reputation in the area. We build quality homes that are affordable and we keep you informed through the entire process.

We know there’s far more to calling a house a home than the furniture in it and a car in the driveway. That’s why in addition to the many great layouts you’ll find our homes in the best communities, near the best schools and the finest shopping and dining on the Grand Strand.

SunBelt Homes of Myrtle Beach will build a custom home from your plans and dreams. There’s not another Myrtle Beach new home builder that can do that as well as we can. We pride themselves on quality and customer service and give you our word on it. Give us a call today.

Myrtle Beach Home Builder

Myrtle Beach home builderWe are a Myrtle Beach home builder whose word of mouth reputation is outstanding and second to none. This is the most valuable asset a construction company can have. We got that by listening to our customers and relentlessly pursuing their satisfaction. We also got it by our dedication to quality construction with unsurpassed service. We work hard and we’re proud of that.

SunBelt Homes is a Myrtle Beach home builder that you can count on. We will still be here next month, next year, 10 years down the road, when your house has become your home. We’re not going to build ‘n bolt, as they say. We will be available if you should have a question about the home we built you or need our services further. Don’t ever hesitate to contact us.

Myrtle Beach Custom Home Builder

As a Myrtle Beach custom home builder we are always into something new, if you pardon the pun. I have to tell you, it’s a great feeling to walk through a brand new home that’s been custom built just for you and has all the features you’ve ever dreamed of. Time and time again we see the delight on peoples faces as they settle into their brand new, built-just-for-them home.

Myrtle Beach custom home builderHere is a gorgeous 4 bedroom home with bonus room and full bath on Willow Bay Drive in the lovely neighborhood of Willow Bay of Prince Creek. The home sits lakefront in this private gated community. It’s loaded with upgrades, music system, security, fireplace, whirlpool tub, landscape fountain, 12′ ceilings,  and is a gorgeous home. It has a well-designed open kitchen with a huge wrap around breakfast bar and large eating area overlooking the lake. The 10 acre amenity center includes 2 pools, clubhouse, tennis courts, covered picnic area w/fireplace, barbeque pits, multiple ball fields, children’s play area, and walking trails. Just reduced from $462,535 to $394,535.

If you’re looking for a Myrtle Beach custom home builder that will listen and work with you and your design ideas, give us a call today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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