Myrtle Beach Golf Course Homes

Myrtle Beach Golf Course HomesDid you know Myrtle Beach Golf Course Homes keep a strong hold on their value, moreso than other types of real estate, and generally aren’t as affected by economic trends? As an owner of one of our Myrtle Beach Golf Course Homes, you won’t have to spend as much time watching the market to see what the value of your house is doing and you can be more confident that you’ve made a solid investment choice.

It may be no surprise that Myrtle Beach Golf Course Homes perform so well, but now there’s data to support this common assumption. A study by the Longitudes Group found that golf course homes typically sell for 40 per cent more than comparable regular homes, and that they tend to rise in value even as property values around them are falling. Even when values fell for golf course areas in the study, they fell at a slower rate than in surrounding neighborhoods. The study largely found that golf course homes were affected by market trends, but not as much as other forms of real estate. The strongest golf real estate market in the study was Myrtle Beach, SC, where some properties appreciated as much as 56% a year.

Myrtle Beach Golf Course Homes are popular and valuable for the same reasons as always — beautiful home designs, exceptional amenities, privacy, and immunity from encroaching development. These homes now have the additional benefit of being a proven, studied performer in the real estate market.

The unique designs of our Myrtle Beach Golf Course Homes also helps put them in a category of their own. Our homes are customizable from the type of door to the floor plan you desire. We’ll work with you to build the dream home you have in mind. No matter what kind of home you’re searching for, we have a golf property to suit your needs.

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