Choosing the Right Sauna

Pawleys Island home builderA sauna has become a common commodity in many homes today. Many people find that a sauna is the perfect place to relax after a long day because it’s an ideal way to de-stress. Health benefits include relief from pain and stiffness of arthritis, treatment of respiratory problems, revives tired and strained muscles and aids in creating healthier skin.

Regardless of the size and style your sauna, it is the heater that provides the warm and steamy temperatures inside. The most basic type of heaters are those that rely on wood, gas or oil. They function simply — fuel is burned, heating up water to produce steam. Because of their use of an expensive resource, gas and oil heaters are not as popular today. Both require more space and special vents to drive out the toxic fumes in comparison to electric heaters.

Electric heaters are the more practical and greener option, when compared to wood, oil, or gas heaters. This is the primary reason why they have become the most popular form of heater for saunas today.

The latest development is the infrared sauna heater using infrared waves to heat the sauna environment. One of the main advantages of these units is that they have significantly reduced energy requirements, while continuing to provide a wide array of health benefits.

Pawleys Island home builderWhat’s the “right” sauna heater for you? It is very much a matter of personal choice. It mainly comes down to whether you prefer dry heat or steam heat. Cost, availability and energy efficiency are the other main deciding factors. Ultimately, it is simply a matter of whichever factors you value the most.

As your Pawleys Island home builder we’d be happy to talk to you about the installation of a sauna into your new or previously built home. Our designers will take the time to determine with you what is the best location for the sauna in your home. You can be assured that SunBeLt Homes of Myrtle Beach is the Pawleys Island home builder you can count on.

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