Buy or Build? 4 Things to Consider

Pawleys Island buildersOne of the biggest questions facing homebuyers is whether to build a new home or buy an existing home. There are a few things that will influence your decision and should be considered before buying:

1. Design and Layout
New homes usually have bigger rooms, more built-in wardrobes / closets, and more bathrooms. If you are building a new home you can influence the layout and the finishes within the home. With an existing home you will inherit what the previous owner built or remodeled over time. Very rarely will an existing home be built and finished exactly to your liking.

2. Your Construction Experience
With an existing home you maybe required to renovate the house to incorporate features you want. This will be an added cost and take time to accomplish. Do you have adequate experience in home renovation? Do you have the tools necessary to do the job?

3. Location
In many areas there are no longer residential lots available to build a new home on so you have no choice but to buy an existing home. In this case, if you wanted something close to work, for example, you might have to buy an existing home. When you opt to build a new home the choices of where are wide and varied.

4. Expense
Sometimes buying an existing home will be less expensive than buying a new land and home package with the same features. If your budget is limited you may find it cheaper to buy an existing home and remodel it your self. As Pawleys Island builders we can build you your dream home and at an affordable price. Call us to discuss what we have available for building plans.

SunBeLtHomes of Myrtle Beach are your Pawleys Island builders and we’d be happy to talk with you about obtaining the custom home of your dreams.

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