Wisely Protecting Your Investment

Myrtle Beach new home builderMaking the decision to have a Myrtle Beach new home builder build you a custom home instead of purchasing an existing home is a big decision. There are many more decisions to be made than when buying an already-built home. A few of those other than choosing a Myrtle Beach new home builder is selecting insurance policies and getting various warranties.

Everyone should protect their home with a good homeowners insurance policy. We all know that and mortgage lenders require it. But another great way to relieve some of the anxiety of home-ownership is by protecting your new home with a home warranty. A home warranty is different from homeowners insurance and covers items that are not typically covered in your standard homeowners insurance policy. There are two main types of home warranties: appliance and systems warranties, and structural warranties.

An appliance and systems warranty covers repairs and maintenance that may be needed on specific appliances or systems (such as HVAC or plumbing). This type of work is typically not covered in your Myrtle Beach new home builderstandard homeowners insurance policy. With an appliance and systems warranty, there is a cost for the warranty itself, and then you pay a set service fee if a service call is needed. Policies like this can be very cost effective because the service fee is usually less than what it would cost to get the appliance or system fixed on your own.

A structural warranty is a little different. It protects you for a set time period (typically 10 years) against structural defects that may occur which would render the house unsafe or unsanitary and therefore, unlivable. Structural warranties may also come packaged with workmanship and systems warranties, which provide additional protection for you, the new homeowner. Many a Myrtle Beach new home builder offers a structural warranty with every new home they build.

Myrtle Beach New Home Builder

Myrtle Beach new home builderWhen you’re looking for a Myrtle Beach new home builder you should make sure you give us at SunBelt Homes a call. We are a superior builder with an excellent reputation in the area. We build quality homes that are affordable and we keep you informed through the entire process.

We know there’s far more to calling a house a home than the furniture in it and a car in the driveway. That’s why in addition to the many great layouts you’ll find our homes in the best communities, near the best schools and the finest shopping and dining on the Grand Strand.

SunBelt Homes of Myrtle Beach will build a custom home from your plans and dreams. There’s not another Myrtle Beach new home builder that can do that as well as we can. We pride themselves on quality and customer service and give you our word on it. Give us a call today.

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