Things to Look For in New Home Construction

Myrtle Beach home constructionWhen having a home built for you it’s important that you ensure everything is being built according to your needs and desires. New Myrtle Beach home construction isn’t something to take lightly. You pay a lot for the home so you need to be positive that you hire a reliable, experienced, and  reputable company, like SunBeLt Homes, to build you your dream home.

As the consumer you need to ensure that the builder will pay careful attention to every detail in your Myrtle Beach home construction. It’s crucial that the company you choose works with you and explains the whole process every step along the way.

Here are a few things to check for in the process:

Windows and doors – All windows and doors need to open and shut all the way without creaking, and without sticking or binding.
Foundation – There should not be any major cracks. Anything that is noticeable may indicate possible future issues with your foundation.
Siding, trim, etc. – There should be smooth lines, even paint, filled in holes, everything must be streamline, no bunching or bulging.
Dry wall – No seams should show. You shouldn’t be able to see where a new sheet of drywall begins.
Floor – There should be no floor creaks anywhere in your new home; floor creaks indicate careless floor installation.
Stairs – All of the stairs in your home should be uniform and of the same height. Uneven steps can be a major risk for injury.

These are just a few of the things that you need to look at with regards to Myrtle Beach home construction before selecting your custom home builder. Always ensure that your “dream” home is actually a dream come true.

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