Custom Homes vs. Modular Homes

Myrtle Beach custom homesA custom built home very much reflects you as a person due to the input you have in its construction. You will be able to dictate just what you want in the house, and not have to accept someone else’s design of a prefab house. Myrtle Beach custom homes are unique structures with your mark on them, unlike modular homes that follow the trends of everyone else in the neighborhood.

There is a huge difference between the quality of the building materials that are used in Myrtle Beach custom homes vs. modular homes. Custom homes are built with the best available materials to give you satisfactory results. Custom built homes are made to last with their quality materials. Compared to modular houses that begin to decline after 15-30 years, custom homes will last you over and above that time period.

You may think it’s more expensive to build a custom home, but in the long run it’s really not. Take a look at the development of each house, most of the time modular home builders charge a less expensive price for the bare-minimum house, then add onto that price with the addition of amenities and various other options. On the contrary, when building a custom home, the amenities and all the other options are added into the original price so you know from the beginning how much it will cost.

By working with a custom home builder you will be able to discuss with them exactly what you would like to see in the house and be in contact with them throughout the building process. At SunBeLt Homes we make sure the Myrtle Beach custom homes that we build are exactly what you dreamed of and that you are completely happy with your new home.

Myrtle Beach Custom Homes

Myrtle Beach custom homesWelcome to our blog! While our blog is new, we certainly aren’t. We’ve provided quality housing to the Grand Strand area since 1986. Our Myrtle Beach custom homes are customizable from the type of door to the floor plan you desire. We’ll work with you to build the dream home you have in mind. To ensure you are 100% satisfied with your home, we follow up with every family 60 days and again at 11 months after completion of your home.

Our newest community of homes is Willow Bay of Prince Creek, nestled between Murrells Inlet and Surfside Beach, SC off of Highway 707. The charming coastal community meanders throughout TPC Golf Course and is surrounded by 13 acres of lakes and 23 acres of nature preserves. This well-planned neighborhood will be comprised of single-family home sites and patio homes. A full range of amenities will be available to all residents once complete.

Come discover just how good life can be in one of our Myrtle Beach custom homes. We promise to keep you informed every step along the way in the process from concept through completion.

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