Production vs. Custom Homes

Murrells Inlet custom home builderProduction home builders build many homes at one time; they have a large number of masons and laborers in their workforce, churning out houses on plots they generally own themselves. They are ‘high volume builders’ who like to use stock plans. They are usually are able to deliver the ready homes within shorter deadlines. They also cater to all types of budgets as they sell a wide variety of houses. Production builders usually build more economical houses.

A Murrells Inlet custom home builder will build unique and exclusive homes and do modifications as per the client’s request. They often handle ‘high end projects’ and fewer projects a year than the production builders. If you have been dreaming of a one-of-a-kind home, then a Murrells Inlet custom home builder would appeal to you. Custom contractors usually take into consideration all the client specifications before making plans and blueprints. When you want a unique feature, a Murrells Inlet custom home builder would be a better option for you.

If you want to build a new home for your family SunBeLt Homes can construct it for you on land you own or land we have for development. You can choose the location and watch your new customized house every step of the way. Before selecting your builder, sit down and talk with them about your custom home, make sure they are easy to work with and listen to you. Have a look at the construction work they have already done and go through the testimonials of previous clients. Custom building your home is a great way of adding character and long standing value to your property.

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